Cemex plant adding 6.6MW to national grid

Cemex plant adding 6.6MW to national grid
10 March 2010

Venezuela’s state cement producer Cemex is adding around 6.6MW of capacity to the country’s national grid, state distribution company Cadafe said in a statement.

The cement firm has 72MW of installed capacity at a six-turbine thermo plant in the Pertigalete region of Anzoátegui state. The company needs 52MWof capacity to power its own operations and turned on the sixth turbine at the plant to supply power to the national grid.

Areas of Anzoátegui state receiving power from the plant include Pamatacualito, La Baritina, Chorrerón, La Sirena, Parque Recreacional, Barrio Colombia, Metoquita, Guanta, Cotoperí, Bobure, Bahía Costamar and Volcadero.

The plant is able to supply 8.8MW to the grid during peak hours, according to the statement.
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