Pakistan exports to India down 80 per cent

Pakistan exports to India down 80 per cent
24 September 2009

The Pakistan cement industry is seeking alternative markets for export after exports to India have been curtailed by almost 80 per cent in the recent months.

Cement manufacturers have started exploring other markets and a leading manufacturer has sent consignments to Sri Lanka, South Africa, Namibia, Oman and Mauritius.

There are also companies that are searching European markets and it would a major development given that fact that the primary export market Afghanistan would remain stagnant whereas cement exporters would eye UAE market for the second best market for the exports in the years to come.

According to a report on cement sector, prepared by Standard Capital Securities, any growth in cement dispatches may arise from revival of growth cycle from regional countries.

However, cement exports are expected to slowdown by the end of FY10. The prospect of export slowdown would go even further in medium-term as demand of the commodity may curtail wherein regional player Iran may try to take a better share in the overall pie. On the other hand, exports to India are declining constantly and it is expected that Indian avenue to shutdown completely once their own expansions to come online by Feb 2010.
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