Cimerwa looks to alternative energy sources, Rwanda

Cimerwa looks to alternative energy sources, Rwanda
27 August 2009

Rwanda’s only cement factory, Cimerwa is set to begin using peat for energy production a move that will trim-down the company’s operating costs and increase its competitiveness.

Peat is a coal-like fossil fuel used as another energy source. Fiacre Birasa, the Director of Rwanda Investment Group (RIG) told Business Times on Tuesday, that peat production will be possible within the next two months.

RIG is a consortium of some 43 local investors that has a controlling stake in Cimerwa. "The first phase of the project is almost done. We are shifting from using 100 percent Heavy fuel on the plant, which is extremely expensive," Birasa said.

He added that the high cost of heavy fuel contributes close to 50 per cent of the factory’s operating costs. Peat will be mixed with heavy fuel to produce energy with the former accounting for 70 per cent. Research has been underway to secure alternative energy to reduce dependence on diesel fuel to meet the factory’s huge energy demand.
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