Cement industry says bailout should include public works

Cement industry says bailout should include public works
19 November 2008

The Portland Cement Association (PCA) warns that without a second economic stimulus plan the US economy could lose two million jobs next year.

The Portland Cement Association says stimulus packages should include money for public works and government construction projects to help create jobs in sectors hit by the housing slide and tight credit environment.

“Times are tough. We need a government stimulus package that creates jobs throughout the nation,” said PCA economist Ed Sullivan. “Infrastructure funding could create jobs on both an immediate and long-term basis. For every 10 construction jobs created by a project, the community gains 17 additional jobs that stay in the region even after a project’s completion.”

PCA also urges that roads and other infrastructure be built using concrete, which it says lasts longer than other materials.

Congress is pondering a second stimulus plan, generating requests from a host of industries and interests – from auto makers, big cities and state governments to import-export companies and alternative energy businesses.
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