BCA: UK cement industry sales rise in 2007

BCA: UK cement industry sales rise in 2007
29 February 2008

The UK cement industry has published its figures for cement sales for 2007. Despite a seasonal downturn at year end, domestic cement sales showed a 4.8% increase over the year. Cement production by British Cement Association (BCA) members - Castle Cement, Cemex UK, Lafarge Cement UK and Tarmac Buxton Lime and Cement - rose 3.6% in the same period. These figures were achieved despite short term issues early in 2007 when demand temporarily outstripped supply.

“Over the past decade, the UK cement industry has invested over UK£200m to improve plants and increase capacity. Current results have been achieved despite the impact of rising energy costs and reflect the responsible management of the sector by our members.” said Dr Pal Chana, Acting Chief Executive, BCA.

“The British cement industry continues to invest in improving its performance to meet the challenges ahead and each year the industry has exceeded the energy efficiency targets set by government under the UK Climate Change Agreement. Cement manufacture has achieved a 27.5% improvement in energy efficiency since 1990 under its climate change agreement with UK government. The cement industry is of major importance to our national economy as it supplies an essential product to the construction and civil engineering industries.”

Investment by BCA members in recent years is reflected in improved plant efficiency and enhanced distribution networks. Annually BCA members produce some 12Mt of cement, meeting 90% of the UK’s demand for this essential building material.
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