New contract for EADS Sodern

New contract for EADS Sodern
19 February 2007

Lafarge North America has selected EADS SODERN as the supplier of a CNATM Generation III (Controlled Neutron Analyzer) for Cement. The CNA is a neutron generator-based analyzer system that measures the composition of the raw material in real time for process control optimization.  For this project the CNA will control the blending of quarry materials from the Cave In Rock Quarry to a quality target on a barge-by-barge basis that will be shipped 60 miles to Lafarge’s Joppa cement plant.
The CNA will be installed on the reclaim tunnel belt to automate the blending process.   It will transmit real-time material quality data to Lafarge’s QMC blend control system that will in turn control the proportioning of the 24 reclaim feeders under the A-frame storage area to a target weighted batch average of each loaded barge.
The CNA ordered by Lafarge Cave In Rock Quarry represents the third EADS Sodern neutron-generator based analyzer system purchased by Lafarge for on-line cement process optimisation.
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