Cement retail prices up in Zambia

Cement retail prices up in Zambia
Published: 17 November 2006

The retail price of cement in most parts of Lusaka has gone up by almost 8,000 kwacha (approx US$2) a bag/50kg due to increasing demand by booming construction in the capital city. 
The price has been increased to 45,000 kwacha (about US$11.54 dollars) per bag from 37,000 kwacha (about 9.49 dollars), according to local media reports on Friday. 
Most cement traders are selling between 40,000 kwacha (US$10) to 45,000 kwacha a bag. In June this year retail price of cement was 32,000 kwacha (about US$8.21).
Whole price a bag has increase to 38,000 kwacha (US$9.74).