QNCC’s claim of cement supply false

QNCC’s claim of cement supply false
22 August 2005

Hamad Al Noeimi, head of Sales Section at Qatar National Cement Company has stated the there was currently no real cement shortage in the country, while the public affirm the contrary. According to a survey conducted by a local paper, customers’ complaints range from difficulties to get the quantity of cement required, high prices in retail stores, poor services to long delays in getting cement.

Most customers interviewed pointed out that they could get only less than a half of the quantity of cement they apply for with one of them alleging that he managed to get only 30 sacks instead of the 300 he needed. Al Noeimi explained that the problem is that many customers are concerned there might be cement shortage while they are away on vacations and therefore seek to stockpile in advance the quantity of cement they need at home.

However, while asserting that the company cannot provide all the quantity of cement requested by each customer at the same time, Al Noeimi noted that a quota has been set whereby 30 sacks of cement are made available to card holders, 70 sacks to building permit holders and 600 sacks to companies, which he said was a fair distribution.

He also said that about 7000 sacks of cement are distributed on a daily basis, in addition to 10,000 sacks from the company, adding that two vessels carrying a large quantity of imported cement have arrived and are currently docked at the port.

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