Holcim builds upon strong foundations

Holcim builds upon strong foundations
29 June 2005

Holcim Philippines successfully completed the integration of its information technology (IT) system with the Holcim Asia Pacific IT cluster, through "Connect Philippines," a seven-month in-house project that successfully standardized the company’s information and reporting systems with the SAP or Systems, Application, and Products in Data Processing template developed by Holcim Services Asia. The new system enabled simple, streamlined, and more efficient communications between the Philippine branch and their counterparts in the Asia-Pacific region.  

Business transactions and operations showed a marked improvement. Further, all Holcim plants were able to secure Integrated Management Systems (IMS) certification or the combined ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environment-friendliness, and ISO 18001 for occupational and health safety.  

Efficiency was increased through improved overall equipment capabilities and various programs such as the use of alternative fuels and the reduction of inventory and non-performing assets, in line with a two- year process to further improve manufacturing and lower plant operating costs.  

Not to be forgotten, of course, is Holcim’s dedication to its team of workers, in an effort to "nurture a work climate that runs on freedom of thought rather than fear of failure." Team-building activities, free- flowing dialogue, a Training Master Plan that addresses competency gaps with systematic delivery of skills training, assignments to Holcim Group Support (HGRS) in Switzerland, and the spotlighting of talent and innovation via the Henyo Awards (henyo being the Filipino word for "genius"), all combined to the competencies of a workforce given every opportunity to develop within the organization.  

For the year 2005, Holcim Philippines is committed to delivering and achieving more positive results, focusing primarily on initiatives enhancing operational efficiency, occupational health and safety, organization and people effectiveness, and other business strategies for continued improvement in manufacturing operations and revenue generation.   

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