UK – High Court throws out WDF Clitheroe bid

UK – High Court throws out WDF Clitheroe bid
30 September 2003

The High Court in London has thrown out a legal bid to prevent Castle Cement burning waste-derived fuel at its Clitheroe works.

Opponents to the cement works’ plans brought a legal case to the Court, forcing the Environment Agency to justify its decision to allow the use of Cemfuel at Clitheroe’s third kiln line. Opponents claimed European guidelines assessing the environmental impact of burning the fuel had not been studied before granting permission, but the agency successfully the irrelevance of the guidelines under current British pollution control legislation.

Speaking after the hearing, Environment Agency solicitor Steven Adolyny said: "We are satisfied with this outcome. We have always maintained that the potential environmental impacts of burning Cemfuel on kiln 7 were considered. In addition, we carried out two phases of public consultation."

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