Australia – Cockburn Cement to burn tyres at Munster ?

Australia – Cockburn Cement to burn tyres at Munster ?
30 September 2003

Cockburn Cement, part of the Adelaide Brighton Cement group, is reported to be looking at introducing alternative fuels at its Munster works. The Waste Management Board’s executive officer, Adam Parker, has confirmed that the company is investigating the possibility of burning tyres as an alternative source of fuel.

However, Cockburn operations manager Gareth Ward said the company was still looking at the various fuel options and no decision had been taken to burn tyres. The company’s alternative fuels consideration was part of the Western Australia government’s sustainability drive. “At the moment, Western Australia is burying a huge amount of material in landfill. We can be part of that solution.” He added that it would take extensive community consultation before beginning any trials, trying to defuse increasing anxiety of the local community.

Cockburn mayor Stephen Lee said he was confident the council would oppose any move to burn tyres at Cockburn Cement. “When they do talk about alternative fuels, they have also talked about tyres,” Mr Lee said. “ I believe they do it overseas and I think ultimately they would like to do it here.” Alliance for a Clean Environment spokeswoman Jane Bremmer promised “the launch of a huge campaign if this is the way it goes. One of the fastest ways to make dioxins is to burn tyres”.

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