Titan America receives air permit for Carolinas project, USA

Titan America receives air permit for Carolinas project, USA
01 March 2012

Officials from Carolinas Cement Company announced that the Division of Air Quality of the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) has issued an air quality permit to parent company Titan America LLC to construct a cement plant in Castle Hayne. The issuance of the Permit comes after four years of technical review of the proposed facility to ensure it will comply with North Carolina's air quality regulations and standards.

The permit was issued after extensive evaluation by DENR, including using air models that incorporate government-approved local meteorological, topographic and site specific information. The models calculate the concentrations of regulated emissions at the boundaries of the plant property and ambient concentrations throughout the local region and other designated locations to assure they are below the legal limits and do not impact the county's attainment status.

"These laws and regulations governing industrial emissions are among the strictest in the world," said Dan Crowley, Titan America's VP of Corporate Engineering. "The issuance of our air quality permit is only a first step. After the plant begins operating we will be subject to unannounced audits by State and Federal regulators as well as internal compliance audits to ensure our emissions are consistently within permitted limits."

Source: BusinessWire

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