Canada, Ontario infrastructure plan boosts cement outlook

Canada, Ontario infrastructure plan boosts cement outlook
06 April 2012

Confirmation that the Ontario, Canada government will maintain its commitment to a $35bn 3-year infrastructure spend has been welcomed by the Cement Association of Canada.

"We recognize that Ontario faces significant economic challenges and we applaud the government for acknowledging the critical importance of maintaining a high level of infrastructure investment during this difficult economic time," said Michael McSweeney, President and CEO of the Cement Association of Canada.

Infrastructure investment is a vital economic driver for the province, providing countless social, environmental and economic benefits. In its pre-budget submission, the Cement Association of Canada highlighted how cement and concrete contribute to Ontario's sustainable infrastructure. To achieve sustainable development objectives, the government must promote enhanced energy efficiency, life-cycle costing and regulatory reform to allow the cement industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"The cement industry wants to be part of the solution and work with the government to meet the current economic challenges, enhance productivity and foster job creation," said McSweeney. "We would welcome further discussions with the Ontario government on how we can achieve sustainable development objectives together."

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