Cemex adds 10 new Volvo tractor units to its fleet

Cemex adds 10 new Volvo tractor units to its fleet
26 June 2012

Cemex UK Cement Logisitics has added 10 new Volvo FM 12 440 6 x 2 Tractor Units to its fleet of 120 bulk powder fleet. The fleet currently covers around 1.5km per month and the decision to buy Volvo was dependent on the vehicle’s whole life costings covering maintenance, ad-blue usage if required and miles per gallon.

The average improvement to existing Volvos in the fleet has been around 0.5 miles per gallon and represent significant fuel savings and operational efficiencies.

Additionally, all units are fitted with a Gardner Denver Xk12 blower unit, a compressor required for discharging cement.

The Readymix concrete business has also ordered 24 additional new MAN concrete mixers 15 x 8-wheelers and 9 x 6-wheelers to its fleet. The vehicles generally work within a 5 mile radius of the concrete plant compared to cement tankers which are based at Cemex’s two cement plants and one terminal delivering throughout the country.

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