Sri Lanka's CCA siezes outdated cement

Sri Lanka's CCA siezes outdated cement
02 July 2012

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) of Sri Lanka has seized a stock of cement that expired early this month, according to local press reports.

The CAA reportedly raided the storage facility of the government-owned Sri Lanka Cement Corporation in Panchikawatte. The expired cement had been sold from the warehouse after the expiry date of June 12th.

The expired cement was allegedly being loaded onto a truck to be sold in the market when the CAA officials arrived at the storage facility. The police had been informed of the matter and the CAA officials have arrested the manager of the stores and also seized the cement and the truck.

The CAA earlier this month raided a warehouse of the state-run Cement Corporation and seized thousands of expired cement bags that were being repacked for sale.

(Source: Colombo Page)

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