Iran cement prices increased by 22%

Iran cement prices increased by 22%
28 September 2012

Iran’s ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade announced on 23 September that it is to increase the price of cement by 22 per cent. This is the third price hike in seven years and the decision to increase prices this time is mainly due to increased raw material costs which have led to declining profit margins.
Moslem Dorrieh, the secretary of the Cement Industry Contractors Union, informed all Iranian cement factories that the ex-works price of bulk cement is as follows:

• Type I-323: from IRR553,000/t to IRR674,660/t
• Pozzolana Portland: from 568,000/t to IRR692,960/t
• Type II: from IRR568,000/t to IRR692,960/t
• Type I-425: from IRR578,000/t to IRR705,160/t
• Type IV: from IRR584,000/t to IRR711,260/t
• Type-525: IRR603,000/t to IRR735,660/t.

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