Concerns on UK construction indicators

Concerns on UK construction indicators
05 November 2012

The latest Construction Trade Survey published today shows that construction activity fell sharply in 3Q, despite a return to growth for the UK economy as a whole.  Of greater concern, however, the forward looking indicators of orders and enquiries, were also negative, reinforcing concerns that the sector is unlikely to experience growth until at least 2014.

Commenting on the survey, Noble Francis, Economics Director at the Construction Products Association said:  “Conditions throughout construction continued to worsen in 3Q, as for the first time we experienced a decline in all construction sectors.  Whilst the public sector construction activity has been falling for some time as a result of the government’s cuts, private sector activity is also now falling sharply.  

On top of this bad news, infrastructure work declined in 3Q, which is extremely concerning given the number of recent announcements from government aimed at stimulating infrastructure activity.’? ?Speaking about the survey, Stephen Ratcliffe, Director UKCG, said: “These figures show how difficult trading conditions continue to be. With declining public sector spend and a lack of confidence amongst private investors, action is urgently needed to kick-start the construction sector.

“The industry welcomes the steps Ministers have taken to boost confidence in construction, but the focus must now be on delivery. Programmes such as the UK Guarantees Scheme are a positive step, but we need to see shovels in the ground as soon as possible.”

Julia Evans, Chief Executive of the National Federation of Builders added: “These figures are a stark reminder that, while the rest of the economy is showing tentative signs of growth, the government should not take its eye off the ball with regards to construction. The government’s moves to streamline and speed up planning, fast track and fund infrastructure and fund more house building will not yield immediate results, but they are the building blocks necessary to ensure a sustainable recovery for construction. The more immediate consideration for government is to continue to ensure that access to finance for small and medium-sized businesses remains a high priority.”

Key survey findings 

• Public new housing and public non-housing were the worst hit sectors for building contractors, with a balance of 38 per cent and 34 per cent respectively, reporting falls in output
• 29 per cent and 27 per cent of building contractors reported that, on balance, output fell in the private industrial and private commercial sectors respectively
• 20 per cent of heavy side product manufacturers and 41  per cent of light side manufacturers reported that, on balance, sales fell in 3Q
• 26 per cent of contractors reported that, on balance, orders fell in the third quarter
• 17 per cent of civil engineers reported a fall in workload, on balance, during 3Q
• 50 per cent of large and medium sized building contractors, on balance, suggested that tender prices reduced in 2012 3Q
• 32 per cent of building contractors, on balance, reported rises in costs, marginally higher than the 30 per cent in 2Q
• The proportion of contractors, on balance, reporting falls in profit margins remained unchanged at 49 per cent

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