Recent orders for Fritz & Macziol from Holcim Russia

Recent orders for Fritz & Macziol from Holcim Russia
13 December 2012

Following the implementation of the VAS logistics solution in two cement plants belonging to Holcim Russia, Fritz & Macziol has strengthened its position in the Russian market. VAS systems have been in operation at the Volsk Holcim plant since summer 2012, and now the Shurovskyi plant at Kolomna is following suit.

Holcim is also beginning to implement real time monitoring in the form of VAS 5, through which truck routes can be traced through various stops, drop-offs and pickups. ??The extreme temperatures were a particular challenge for the technology used.

Temperatures can fall to -40°C in winter. Therefore Fritz & Macziol had to install terminals and processors that can also work under these conditions at all workplaces used outside. Both VAS installations are also connected to the central SAP system in Madrid, through which all orders are administered. On site VAS has taken over the processing of deliveries, shipping and printing the associated documents, such as delivery notes, and transmits all the data to the central system again in the end. "An important argument in fa-vour of our solution was also the extensive evaluation possibilities.

Thus, Holcim (Russia) will not only be in a position to exactly trace the utilisation of the individual logistics stations, but will also be able to prepare differentiated material statistics. So that, for example, seasonal trends in the sales of the various bulk materials can be identified promptly and be taken into account," said Johan Gastgeber, describing the benefits of shipping automation.

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