SCG ready to cut electricity usage to deal with shortage

SCG ready to cut electricity usage to deal with shortage
06 March 2013

Thailand’s Siam Cement Group (SGC) said it is ready to slash energy usage as Thailand prepares for an impending power supply crisis next month.

The Southeast Asian country has been seeking measures and energy savings policies to be implemented during the period when Myanmar halts the gas delivery for pipeline maintenance during April 5-14 2013.

Meanwhile, Somchai Wangwattanapanich, Vice President-Operations of SCG Chemicals as the president of SCG's energy board, said in a statement that the group is ready to fully cooperate with the government to cope with the looming energy shortage.

The company is confident that it will be able to cope perfectly during the crisis, he said, and will fully cooperate with the government's policy by reducing the energy consumption in its headquarters in Bangsue area as well as some key production pants as follow:

• SCG Chemicals, SCG Cement and SCG Paper will reschedule the work and maintenance times of its machines and shut down air-conditioning during those time which should reduce the energy consumption for more than 100MW or about 20 per cent off the regular consumption level
• SCG headquarters at Bangsue will reduce electricity consumption by upping the thermostat of the air-conditioning in all offices and reduce the usage of electronics.

SCG is also on the lookout for more effective measures that can readily reduce its energy consumption.

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