Cemex Tilbury reaches cement production milestone, UK

Cemex Tilbury reaches cement production milestone, UK
30 July 2013

The Cemex grinding and blending cement plant at Tilbury, UK, has produced its millionth tonne of cement and has also achieved an increase of 26 per cent in production, while decreasing its consumption of energy by 28 per cent since it was opened in 2009.

The 1Mt of cement will make approximately 300,000m3 of concrete for use in construction projects.

When it opened in 2009, Tilbury was the first plant in the country to install vertical cement mill technology which has led to energy savings of 20-40 per cent compared to traditional horizontal cement mills, Cemex noted in a statement.

The opening of the mill also represented a step-change in the industry by producing blended cements in purpose-built, factory-controlled conditions.

Cemex has continuously looked at innovative ways of saving energy.  In recent years this has included burning of alternative fuels such as tyres and Climafuel during production, partial substitution of cement with by-products of other industries such as slag and fly ash and measures to minimise wastage through an Electricity Reduction project.

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