Qatar: large order for Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Qatar: large order for Mercedes-Benz vehicles
21 August 2013

Nasser Bin Khaled (NBK) Automobiles has signed an order with Khalid Cement Industries Complex (KCIC) of Qatar for the supply of 141 Mercedes-Benz branded industrial vehicles. The order includes including 42 tipper trucks, 65 tractor heads, 28 crane and cargo body type, five water and sewage tankers and one loader vehicle. KCIC has also agreed a full-service contract valid up to 750,000km or a maximum of five years.

By opting for the award-winning FleetBoard vehicle management system, KCIC will be able to remotely track vehicle movements while providing such data as speed and distance travelled, as well as weight recordings, fuel consumption and even the actual fuel level of a truck. FleetBoard also provides a full performance analysis of a fleet, its vehicles and its drivers by capturing data such as pedal movement, idle fuel consumption, engine brake usage and behaviour of driver gear change operation. Such information will provide benefits such as increased operative efficiency, lower costs and extend maintenance intervals.

The agreement marks a builds on NBK Automobiles' record as a partner helping to develop Qatar. Khalid Shaaban, General Manager, NBK Automobiles, said: "NBK Automobiles is committed to contributing towards the continued development of the country through providing our business partners with extensive support and equipment tailored to meet their specific requirements, and the agreement with Khalid Cement Industries Complex is in line this strategic objective.

"KCIC has established itself as one of Qatar's foremost suppliers of complete concrete solutions and a major player in construction material production, and we look forward to working with them to offer long-term support in this and their upcoming ventures."

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