Cemex seeks further collaboration for housing and infrastructure projects

Cemex seeks further collaboration for housing and infrastructure projects
21 August 2013

During its participation in the XLVIII Inter-American and Caribbean Housing Conference, Cemex announced that it has collaborated in the development of infrastructure projects, as well as in the construction of close to 10,000 housing units.

Speaking at the event in the Chilean capital Santiago, Carlos González, president of Cemex in the Dominican Republic and leader of Cemex's Infrastructure and Housing Initiative, exemplified the diverse integrated solutions that Cemex offers the market, with clear advantages in terms of costs, energy efficiency, durability, and sustainability for the countries within the region.

“Cemex is a company that is committed with the society in which we are involved in. Therefore, we’ve evolved in our business approach and have integrated offers for infrastructure and housing that are key drivers for the development and well-being of the society. We now participate in all the process, from the conception of a project to its complete execution, and work closely with our clients, builders, as well as house and infrastructure developers to create partnerships that allow us to implement their projects,” he stated.

“The projects of infrastructure and housing are a key point in the development and well-being of Latin America. Cemex is working closely with its clients, governments and communities to promote this type of opportunities to boost the development in the region,” he affirmed.

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