Ships transporting clinker collide at Chittagong port, Bangladesh

Ships transporting clinker collide at Chittagong port, Bangladesh
13 September 2013

Three ships carrying clinker collided at Chittagong Port in southern Bangladesh earlier this week, causing partial interruptions to supplies. However, local production has not been affected due to regular imports.
An official of the Chittagong Port told CemNet News that on 9 September 'Fortune Cloud', a Panama-flag bulk carrier (carrying 33,000t of clinker) arrived at Chittagong’s outer anchorage and came into contact with Bangladesh-registered bulk carrier 'Abdullah' , laden with 37,300t clinker, which had arrived and anchored at Chittagong outer anchorage seven days earlier. Consequently, both vessels sustained damages. 'Fortune Cloud' also reportedly came into contact with another bulk carrier 'Kinda' which had arrived at the outer anchorage on 2 September with 34,600t clinker. This vessel reportedly sustained minor damage.

With the help of the local tug and Navy team, Chittagong Port Authorities with are helping the affected vessels. The cargo remains intact despite water ingress into Fortune Cloud’s engine room.

Seven more vessels carrying 261,000t clinker are waiting at outer anchorage of the port to take berth and discharge cargo in due course.

The country’s lack of limestone deposits limits integrated plants to one and the remainder are grinding units that operate with imported clinker. According to Bangladesh State Bank, in FY12 cement manufacturers imported US$504m worth of clinker compared to US$446m in FY 2011 – representing a growth of 13 per cent. Clinker imports usually derive from China, Indonesia, Thailand, among other countries.

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