UGTA strike impacts Pakistan cement exports, raw material supplies

UGTA strike impacts Pakistan cement exports, raw material supplies
15 November 2013

An indefinite strike by Pakistan’s Goods Transporters Alliance (UGTA), now in its 10th day, is impacting the delivery of cement exports as well as raw material supplies.

Export consignments from cement factories to the Karachi and Muhammabd Bin Qasim ports in the Sindh Province have been disrupted due to the non-availability of trucks. Supplies of raw materials to cement factories from the ports also remain suspended.

The MV Alam Sayang vessel is waiting at Port Qasim to load cement. MT AL Naser and MV CMB Coralie are a touer Anchorage for cement and coal cargo. Similarly, at the Karachi Port, three vessels (Sea Wave, Ikan Salmon and Tabernacle Prince) are yet to complete their loading of cement. More ships are expected to arrive at both ports in due course.

More than 30,000 containers laden trucks with imported raw material and more than 20,000 containers holding export materials are waiting at ports for loading and unloading.

The All Pakistan Shipping Association (APSA) has approached the government to resolve the issue and clear congestion at the ports, otherwise the shipping lines will divert their vessels to other destinations in the region. Shipping companies, agents, cargo handling firms and other stakeholders have also appealed to the authorities so that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

The cement industry als fears that the situation will be aggravated should UGTA members from other provinces join the strike.

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