Cemex Spain says it complies with tax obligations

Cemex Spain says it complies with tax obligations
26 November 2013

Cemex Spain has made the following clarifications regarding information published in the media concerning the inspection process opened by the Tax Agency:

  • Cemex scrupulously complies with all legal and tax obligations in Spain, without having debt with or being sanctioned by the Spanish tax authorities to date.
  • Cemex has learned through the media of personnel movements within the Tax Agency and does not weigh the decisions that the authority, in the internal order, adopted. The company refers to declarations already made by the competent authorities on the subject.
  • Cemex is included in a regular review process that is part of the usual inspection regime carried out by the Tax Agency into companies that are considered " large taxpayers " as usual. This process is currently ongoing.
  • In the interpretation of fiscal and tax regulations, it is normal that there are differences of opinion between the taxpayer and the appropriate authority. These differences can be settled by an appeal to be filed with the administrative authorities or through the courts.
  • Cemex reserves the right to take legal action against the person responsible for the dissemination of inaccurate, biased information or content that contravenes current legislation information.
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