Venezuelan cement plants see 4Q13 output fall

Venezuelan cement plants see 4Q13 output fall
02 April 2014

Venezuela’s largest cement company, Venezolana de Cementos, saw production drop 13.1 per cent in 4Q13, according to data by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

The fall in output has been attributed to a range of factors, including unplanned shutdowns, lack of raw materials and other inputs as well as issues with packing equipment.

However, Venezolana de Cementos was not the only Venezuelan cement producer to face difficulties. Fábrica Nacional de Cementos saw its output fall by a third and Cemento Andino by 47.6 per cent, according to BCV figures. Only Industria Venezolana de Cemento (Invecem) bucked the trend and note a two per cent rise in its production.

Moreover, the cement industry produced only one out of five cement types normally available. As a result, sales in the October-December period fell by 16 per cent.

The now former Minister of Industries, Wilmer Barrientos, said last week that cement production increased 12 per cent in 1Q14, but sources in the construction sector reported that cement shortages continued during that time.

The government plans to inject an extra 62 per cent of resources into two cement companies, but this investment is not expected to result in an increase in production.

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