Lafarge Pakistan launches new Xtreme Bond product

Lafarge Pakistan launches new Xtreme Bond product
02 July 2014

Lafarge Pakistan has launched its Xtreme Bond product, a new tile adhesive designed and developed by the company.

The adhesive, unveiled at a ceremony in the capital Islamabad, has been specifically designed to combat risks that can occur during tiling, such as differential shrinkage, allowing the job to be completed within a shorter time period, it added.

Mirza Sheeraz, brand manager of Xtreme Bond said: “Developing new innovative products that work to make the process easier for professional builders, is core to our business code. Customers will greatly benefit from Lafarge Pakistan’s new tile adhesive Xtreme Bond, as jobs can now be finished earlier. In comparison to other dry bonds currently available in the market, Xtreme Bond does not require pre-soaking in water, as has been the conventional method, but can be directly applied.”

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