Dynamis completes pryroprocessing orders

Dynamis completes pryroprocessing orders
14 August 2014

Brazil-based Dynamis has carried out a number of key pyroprocessing projects for the global cement industry over the past year. Below is an update of the company's recent cement industry references including a number of projects in its domestic market as well as orders in USA, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Buzzi Unicem, Chatanooga plant: CFD study of injection point and secondary fuels increase.

• HeidelbergCement, Degeham plant: existing main burner adaption with new burner head of Kiln 3 and 4 (22MW and 30MW, respectively) with high momentum up to 11N/MW to utilise up to 40 per cent secondary fuels.

• LVT – Aalborg, Malyasia: Burner for ILV calciner heating-up, capacity of 16MW using fuel oil.

Holcim, Pedro Leopoldo plant (Minas Gerais): conceptual project of plant for pozzolan clay calcination and colour conversion

Lafarge, Cocalzinho plant (Goiás) conceptual and basic project for reactivation of plant to produce either clinker and pozzolan clay (flex kiln).

Lafarge, Cantagalo plant (Rio de Janeiro): detailed project for first- and second-stage cyclone modification to decrease pressure drop on preheater tower.

Lafarge, Montes Claros plant (Minas Gerais): detailed project for first-stage cyclone modification and new raw meal kiln feeding system.

Lafarge, Candeias plant (Bahia): detailed project for new cement silo.

Votorantim Cimentos, Sobradinho plant (Federal District): project for solid waste fuels injection in calciner of Kiln No 3 with substitution of up to 60 per cent of main fuel.

Votorantim Cimentos, Cimesa plant, Laranjeiras (Sergipe state): conversion of existing burner to D-Flame technology in Kiln No 1 main burner (63MW).

Votorantim Cimentos, Primavera (Pará state): supply of 8.5MW hot gas generator for cement mill using fuel oil

Votorantim Cimentos, Edealina (Goiás): supply of two 6MW hot gas generators for cement mills using fuel oil

InterCement, Iajci plant (Minas Gerais): CFD study of calciner to determinate optimum injection point of secondary fuels to increase substitution percentage.

Nassau’s new Ituaçu cement plant (Bahia):  2700tpd kiln, awarded with supply of main burner (57MW) and two secondary burners (28MW each), plus detailed project for tertiary air duct, hot gas for raw mill, complete petcoke mill installation and study for raw mill capacity increase 

CSN Cimentos, Arcos (Minas Gerais): supply of two 6MW hot gas generators using petcoke and fuel oil for Loeshe cement mills.

Apodi, Quixerá plant (Ceará): complete new D-Flame burner installation for the use of petcoke, liquid and shredded solids with capacity of 50MW, plus two hot gas generators (capacity of 7MW each) for petcoke and fuel oil for cement mills.

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