Cemex Dominican Republic unveils EvolutionEco concrete

Cemex Dominican Republic unveils EvolutionEco concrete
01 September 2014

Cemex Dominican Republic has pledged lower costs, shorter construction time and higher quality during the launch of its new "EvolutionEco" concrete last week.

Cemex Dominican Republic President, Carlos Emilio Gonzalez, headed the unveiling of the new product, accompanied by David Zampini, head of Cemex  R&D for products and construction trends, headquartered in Switzerland.

Gonzalez said the self-compacting EvolutionEco concrete joins Cemex ’s family of global brands. "Today we herald a new era in concrete, with a technological contribution by Cemex, which constantly seeks to offer new options to the market to ensure the best efficiency levels, productivity and quality for our customers in the construction processes," González during the event held on Wednesday.

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