Asia Cement in renewable energy schools project, Thailand

Asia Cement in renewable energy schools project, Thailand
07 April 2015

Asia Cement, part of the Italcementi Group, has initiated the "25 Renewable Energy Schools Project" as part of the Thai cement producers corporate social responsibility, environmental and energy efforts.

The project involves the installation of 4kW on-grid solar PV rooftops to be used alongside electricity distributed by the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) in 25 small and medium- sized schools. They are situated around three cement plants in Phra Phutthabat district located in Saraburi province, Takli district in Nakhon Sawan province, and Cha-am district in Phetchaburi province. All the schools are registered under the Office of the Basic Education Commission. The project's duration is three years, from 2014 to 2016.

In 2014, the company installed the 4kW on-grid solar PV rooftops in four schools around the Pukrang plant, two schools and one school at nearby Cha-am and Takli Plants.

On February 23, Roberto Callieri and Nopadol Ramyarupa, managing directors and the management team visited the Baan Phon Thong School located nearby Takli plant, Takli District, Nakorn Sawan province. This primary-level school has 120 students and 14 teachers ranging from kindergarten to grade three and is the first school in Takli district to install the 4kW on-grid solar PV rooftops and the fourth school in the project. The school's director reported they reduced their electricity bills by 80-90 per cent, allowing the school to increase up to 20-25 per cent of its annual operating budget.

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