Tanzania: Twiga Cement holds seminar for block makers

Tanzania: Twiga Cement holds seminar for block makers
28 July 2015

Some 250 cement distributors and block makers recently participated in a training seminar in Dar es Salaam held by Tanzania Portland Cement Company Limited (TPCC)  to improve efficiency. The initiative is part of the firm's contribution to our local employment market. The firm aims to be closer to its biggest stakeholders and to enable them know how to make strong and durable blocks.

The training targeted strengthening safety at work, improving quality of blocks and efficiency in the production process to meet the growing market demand in the country.

TPCC's commercial director, Simon Delens said: "Twiga Cement will continue to conduct similar trainings for block makers throughout the country. This is part of our effort to create awareness in the industry." He said that construction continues to grow with an increasing demand for blocks. It is therefore important to ensure that knowledge is shared among the different players in the industry to improve quality of the products in the market.

“We have been a part of it for 46 years now as we want to build a strong nation," he added.
TPCC safety manager, Alfred Anthony, said the company has a modern and well equipped laboratory to make sure it produces quality cement needed by its customers.

"Block makers should be aware of cement setting time and make their blocks before that time. You must know that TPCC standards are international and have been approved by Tanzania Bureau of Standards," Alfred said.

During the seminar, TPCC also emphasised on health and safety issues and provided full personal protective equipment (PPE'S) such as safety boots, overalls, face mask and long sleeve gloves to all participants.

TPCC is the largest cement supplier and producer in Tanzania with a production capacity of 1.9Mta. Being the market leader, TPCC has supplied cement to many sensitive and competitive projects in Tanzania including the new national stadium, the Bus Rapid Transit Pavement Roads, Kigamboni Bridge, Multi- storey structure such as PSPF, Uhuru Heights, Rita high Rise Building, Viva tower and NHC.

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