Tokyo Cement recommences clinker imports from Japan

 Tokyo Cement recommences clinker imports from Japan
18 March 2016

Sri-Lanka based Tokyo Cement Group has recommenced clinker imports from Japan for the exclusive use in its ‘NIPPON-PRO’ cement.

Dashantha Udawatte, Group Marketing Manager at Tokyo Cement told Lanka Business Online: “We at Tokyo Cement having identified the demand for a high performance cement tied up with a leading Japanese manufacturer to import clinker with high specifications. Tokyo Cement recently launched the NIPPON-PRO brand to meet the demand of Class 1 contractors who have undertaken challenging construction projects that are part of the government's initiative to stimulate economic growth in the country.”

Director of Research & Development at Tokyo Cement, Dr. MGMU Ismail said: “Using Japanese clinker in the manufacturing process ensures that NIPPON-PRO will be able to meet the high technical specifications recommended for high-rise structures such as, the ability for temperature control required in bulk concreting and suitability for use in high strength concrete grades over 80.”

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