India: trucker workers’ dispute leads to plant stoppages

India: trucker workers’ dispute leads to plant stoppages
29 March 2016

A dispute between two trucker workers’ unions in Kashmir, India, has led to the four cement plants in the region cutting output, resulting in a loss of production of around 2500tpd.

According to reports in Rising Kashmir, plants belonging to TCI MAX Cements, Cemtac Cements, Arco Cements and Itifaq Cements have been forced to cut production because of the dispute.

The conflict between Zaffron Truckers Union and its newer rival Al Khudam Tipper-Truckers’ Union has failed to reach a settlement after the incumbent objected to the latter applying for duty slips to make deliveries. 

Rising Kashmir quotes an executive at one of the affected plants as stating: “We reached a compromise but they are still fighting. We are posting a 50 per cent production loss due to their differences.”

Another official said that on a daily basis the units are facing a loss of 2500-3000t cement production.“This is an estimate. It might be more. They should sit in a cordial environment and iron out their differences. If they continue like this, it would be very detrimental for business.”

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