Italy: strike planned over Heidelberg/Italcementi merger

Italy: strike planned over Heidelberg/Italcementi merger
04 April 2016

A strike with national demonstration has been announced for Friday, 29 April 2016 to protest about the possible job cuts for Italcementi workers over the proposed merger with HeidelbergCement Group. The strike was announced by the national coordination of RSU group meeting in Rome. Opponents claim that there is the possibility of up to 2300 jobs in Italy being at risk if the merger is completed.

"It's been months but, unfortunately, we have no news from the government about what is happening in the Italcementi Group," reads the widespread national note a few minutes ago by the National Secretaries of Feneal-Uil, Filca-Cisl and Cgil Fillea.

"Concerns have also increased as a result of the resignation of the Minister Guidi who was supposed to meet next week the director of HeidelbergCement (HC) Scheifele. As a result it was decided to request a meeting with the President of the Council, Matteo Renzi, the secretary to the Prime Council Claudio De Vincenti and the deputy minister of economic development Teresa Bellanova so that they are an active part in the Italcementi case.

"Indeed, HC has decided that a number of functions, carried out to date by the Bergamo headquarters, will be transferred to Germany, so much that the German group will have to build a bigger venue. In the meantime, the share of involvement of institutions and local MPs to help resolve the issue positively. In the coming days will be made assemblies in all workplaces in preparation for the planned strike "say the unions.

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