Algeria: Beni Saf to install new bag filters "very soon"

Algeria: Beni Saf to install new bag filters "very soon"
06 April 2016

Beni Saf cement company is expected to install a new bag filter “very soon”, according to Mokhtar Tanem, director general of the cement plant.

The new bag filter contains 39 bags and represents an investment of DZD702.6m (US$6.49m). Nine will be installed at the clinker extraction and storage point, 22 in the shipping area, five at the cement mill and sampling, one at the cooler and one for the raw mill and kiln.

"The provisional allocation of the installation of this filter project at the stack, equipment acquired for US$2.8m, has been completed and the installation will start in a week’s time from the signing of the contract,…” said Mokhtar Tanem.

Algerian dust emission standards are 50mg/Nm3 with the current filter attaining 40mg/Nm3. The new bag filter is expected to meet European standards of 10mg/Nm3, according to a spokesperson at the factory.

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