Ghana: Pozzolana Cement to make redundancies?

Ghana: Pozzolana Cement to make redundancies?
19 July 2016

Management at Pozzolana Ghana Ltd is considering redundancies or the temporary shutting down of the company following power outages. According to Collins Opoku Gyan, production manager, the company cannot afford to continue paying salaries at a time when no profits are being made.

“We have workers that we have employed and paying them, if there is no light, we can’t work. We have to pay them too, so it is costing the company a lot. If nothing is being done about it, the best thing is that we have to sack the workers, close the company so that we will have our peace,” Mr Gyan told local news sources.

Mr Yaw Peprah, commercial manager, also commented on the situation, saying, “the electricity situation is very bad at the moment, we pay GHS25,000 [US$6333.17] a month to the electricity company of Ghana for the energy that we use. Unfortunately, the supply is not stable, when we are doing the test and the electricity goes off, the whole test gets spoilt because we have to restart it all over.”

The government has blamed the power outages on Nigeria’s inability to supply crude oil to Ghana.

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