Mexico: Cemex increases cement price 11%

Mexico: Cemex increases cement price 11%
15 December 2016

Cemex notified its distributors that from January 2017 it will increase the price of grey cement by around 11 per cent nationwide. Other producers such as Holcim and Cruz Azul are following suit with similar price rises of around MXN300 (US$14.60)

Distributors of Construramas, Cemex’s chain of shops in Nuevo Léon and other Mexican states said the latest price rise will see cement at MXN2740-3000/t. Retail customers in Nuevo Léon will see the price of a 50kg bag of cement rise by MXN155-172.

It is the fourth price hike that Cemex has carried out in Mexico in the past 10 months, raising prices by a cumulative 43-47 per cent during this time.

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