LafargeHolcim's Olsen welcomes US infrastructure pledge

LafargeHolcim's Olsen welcomes US infrastructure pledge
18 January 2017

Eric Olsen, CEO of LafargeHolcim, has welcomed President-elect Donald Trump’s commitment to increasing infrastructure spending in the United States, CNBC reports.

"We've believed for many years the US needs a significant boost in infrastructure, if you look at the status of bridges, roads... core infrastructure in the US needs real investment and we're heartened to see that that's coming", Mr Olsen said.

"Infrastructure payments typically pays off 2.5 times for what you do. You need to do smart infrastructure investment, you can't just be spending and building things that aren't needed, but the needs of infrastructure and investment in the US are so much that there's a whole long inventory of needed projects that should be ready to go," he added.

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