Holcim Croatia boosts revenues thanks to exports

Holcim Croatia boosts revenues thanks to exports
03 March 2017

Holcim Croatia saw its revenues rise by seven per cent YoY in 2016 as it improved exports. In addition, the company reduced its expenditures and kept cash flow high.

However, the domestic market maintained the pressure to lower prices. Unfortunately, on the domestic market there is still a constant pressure to reduce prices, so all the effort we've invested as a team could actually have had a much better effect", the company’s CFO, Denis Zupicic, explained.

He added that if prices were to drop, the industry would not be sustainable. "Every employee wants to be fairly paid for their work, including those in manufacturing, those in construction, as well as those in services, so it is time for everyone in the civil engineering business to start thinking sustainably and building deals based on real prices", he said.

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