Caribbean Cement to upgrade packaging equipment

Caribbean Cement to upgrade packaging equipment
13 April 2017

Caribbean Cement Company has said that equipment upgrades required in the packing area will be undertaken over the weekend. The work will improve efficiency and consistent packaging of the company’s products.

Hardware merchants and dealers last week reported that they were unable to meet demand because of a lack of supply from the cement producer.

Corporate Communication and Public Relations Manager, Sophia Lowe Pinnock, explained that the lack of delivery related to an issue in the plant's packaging area, where some of the equipment is outdated: "Our packaging area was not performing as it should, but there was never a lack of cement. Our industrial clients, for example, were not affected by this process because we did have cement. We were having an issue with the small baggage area and that is being addressed.”

The requisite equipment has already been sourced from overseas. Ms Pinnock added that Caribbean Cement has spent US$1m so far from the US$18m it aims to invest in the plant this financial year.

Cement exports have been suspended to focus all resources and efforts on meeting and prioritising the local market, the company said, while noting it would be maintaining its current price on bagged cement to the retail trade.

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