Pakistan producers see mixed dispatch performance

Pakistan producers see mixed dispatch performance
19 July 2017

Pakistan cement producers recorded a mixed performance in total dispatches for FY17 as a double-digit decline in exports was witnessed.

During FY17, which drew to a close at the end of last month, the industry recorded growth a four per cent rise in dispatches YoY to 40.267Mt. Of this total, local sales climbed eight per cent YoY to 35.604Mt, while exports fell by 21 per cent YoY.

Dispatches by local producers for the 12 month period included:
• Lucky Cement: 6.89Mt (-1 per cent YoY)
• Attock Cement: 2.062Mt (+5 per cent YoY)
• DG Khan Cement: 4.55Mt (+3 per cent YoY)
• Maple Leaf Cement: 3.33Mt (flat)
• Cherat Cement Co: 1.46Mt (+40 per cent YoY)
• Pioneer Cement: 1.39Mt (flat)
• Fauji Cement: 3.08Mt (+10 per cent YoY)
• Kohat Cement: 2.07Mt (-1 per cent YoY)

Industry commentators have noted that Cherat Cement saw a significant rise in sales due to its recent capacity expansion. Meanwhile, the virtually flat sales growth recorded by Lucky Cement and Kohat Cement is attributed to a significant decline in export volumes by each producer.

Going forward, the outlook cement demand in Pakistan remains positive for FY18 on the back of a 25 per cent increase in spending on the government’s Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP), industry experts note.

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