Roanoke Cement honoured by Energy Star

Roanoke Cement honoured by Energy Star
28 July 2017

Roanoke Cement Company's (RCC) Troutville plant has been honoured by Energy Star for its major energy reductions over the years, which now amount to 11 straight certifications.

Representative Bob Goodlatte (VA-6th) of RCC applauded the Virginia company's Energy Star achievement. "RCC is well-known to me as one of the largest employers and taxpayers in Botetourt County. To be sure, this is not 'your grandfather's cement company.'

"With over US$10m in capital upgrades since 1992, RCC has propelled itself into the highest echelon of 21st century industry – environmentally aware and technologically savvy. RCC's limestone lake restoration, Appalachian Trail access and Catawba Creek improvements have created a legacy its community recognises and appreciates."

To qualify for Energy Star, Roanoke Cement was required to perform in the top 25 per cent of cement plants nationwide for total energy efficiency (thermal and electrical) and meet strict environmental performance levels set by the Enviuronmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Chris Bayne, Roanoke Cement's Energy Manager, combines cutting-edge cement industry practices with EPA's Energy Star tools. "RCC's plant sits in the Roanoke Valley, in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The stakes are higher for us, surrounded by all that beauty, to perform at the pinnacle of the cement industry in energy efficiency."

Bill Zarkalis, CEO of Roanoke Cement's parent company Titan America, LLC, places the credit with the Virginia plant's employees and managers. "Titan advances a core value of environmental stewardship and Roanoke Cement's initiatives have succeeded through dedicated employees who encourage and commit. Their energy awareness generated good ideas leading to innovative practices and energy-saving results."

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