Collaboration with Ecotec Solution fuels Italian expansion for UNTHA

Collaboration with Ecotec Solution fuels Italian expansion for UNTHA
01 August 2017

Industrial shredder manufacturer UNTHA has witnessed significant growth in Italy following a collaboration with one of the country’s leading environmental technology specialists, Ecotec Solution.

The UK waste processing firm supplies systems that turn clients’ residual materials into valuable resources. In the last 12 months alone, Ecotec Solution has secured six high-value projects for the Austrian shredding giants.

These include three XR mobil-e sales for waste to energy facilities – one in Trieste handling bulky input wastes for cement fuel preparation, and two tackling pre-treated MSW to create varied products including an infeed material for heat treatment. Other sales include a static XR3000C shredder for high performance <50mm SRF manufacturing, an XR2000R shredder for the <350mm processing of MSW, and a TR2500 post shredder to produce a refined <30mm cement fuel from pre-treated light fraction.

Commenting on the relationship, Ecotec Solution’s Managing Director, Martin Mairhofer, said: “In the face of a complex waste landscape, we work hard to help Italian clients realise the benefits of the value chain.
“We need to recommend the world’s best technologies to do this and our knowledge of UNTHA’s shredding technology has really helped in this respect, over the past 12 months.”

Elaborating on the specific challenges facing Italian waste firms, Mr Mairhofer explained: “Landfill sites are closing and, due to a lack of more traditional waste disposal options, companies are looking for new channels for their residual materials.

“High value prices for SRF make this non-traditional treatment method an attractive alternative, but a significant degree of investment is required to design and build commercially robust plants.

“UNTHA’s advancements in single-step, high performance and cost-efficient fuel preparation technology however, have opened up new margin opportunities for the industry’s more forward-thinking players. These are the companies that are going to fill the waste gap in our evolving market.”

UNTHA has now installed more than 9000 shredders worldwide, including over 150 of its most talked about XR machines.

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