DTI campaign against 'substandard' cement imports receives backing

DTI campaign against 'substandard' cement imports receives backing
18 August 2017

Cement importers put their support behind the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) campaign to prevent the entry of 'substandard' imported cement into the Philippines, reports the Business Mirror.

In a news statement, Col Dani Enriquez (Ret), also the executive director of the Philippine Cement Importers Association (PCIA), stated that cement importers are one with the DTI to restrict the entrance of substandard cement in the country.

"We are categorically against importation of substandard cement. We do not want substandard cement coming in the country. It is not only bad for business, it is also bad for the infrastructure programmes of President Duterte. That is why the PCIA strongly proposes that imported cement be tested at the port of loading or origin, so that we know whether it is of good quality or not before it is shipped to the Philippines,"  Col Enriquez (Ret) said.

He added the PCIA had also issued its stand against substandard cement during a meeting with industry stakeholders and DTI officials earlier this month.The PCIA said the cement should be tested in the country of origin as proof that the imported cement is of quality.

"Although international rules allow the option to have cement tested here in the country, I prefer not to have them brought into the country until there is sufficient proof that the cement passed testing at the point of origin," he said.

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