Philippine cement producers oppose import inspections

Philippine cement producers oppose import inspections
31 August 2017

Letters from local cement firms addressed to Trade and Industry Secretary, Ramon M Lopez, and the Cement Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (CEMAP) have opposed plans to conduct pre-shipment inspection of imported cement, as substitute to testing upon arrival in the country. However, revised rules and guidelines would be welcomed.

Ramon S Ang, chairman of Eagle Cement Corp opposed the proposed minimum requirement of pre-shipment inspection for cement imports, reports the Manila Bulletin. Ang maintained that all cement coming from abroad must be subjected to rigorous testing upon arrival in the Philippines to ensure consumer safety.

"Eagle Cement Corp stands against the possible minimum requirement of a pre-shipment inspection as the substitute for testing cement imports upon arrival in the Philippines," said the letter, which was also signed by Eagle Cement president and CEO, Paul Ang, on behalf of the company’s chairman.

Eagle Cement COO, Manny Teng, stressed that  the government should come out with revised rules and guidelines for the cement industry, such rules must foster a level playing field and ensure high regard for quality and environmental protection.

"We believe that any diminution of the minimum quality standards of cements products, as imposed, would pose a great risk to the entire industry and to the clients it serves – the Filipino people.

"In this regard, we respectfully propose that all cement players, whether a manufacturer or a mere trader, should be required to have their imported cement duly tested at the port. We cannot underscore the importance of doing a local test as a crucial safeguard for consumers’ safety and lives," the executives said.

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