Eurocement Group to invest in Kaliningrad plant

Eurocement Group to invest in Kaliningrad plant
26 October 2017

Russia’s Eurocement Group is reported to be considering investment in the construction of a new plant in the Danor industrial park, in the Guruyevsky district of the country’s Kaliningrad exclave, according to the Government of the Kaliningrad region.

The new cement works is expected to reduce the region’s dependence on cement trucked in from other parts of Russia while making a positive contribution to the development of Kaliningrad’s industry.

"This large-scale project is in line with Kaliningrad's industry development priorities, will help create new high-performance jobs and increase the taxable base of the budget." By the end of November, the volume of investment under the project will be clear," said Dmitry Kuskov, Kaliningrad’s Minister of Industrial Policy, Enterprise Development and Trade.

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