Big Boss Cement to prove concept to Board of Investments

Big Boss Cement to prove concept to Board of Investments
22 January 2018

Henry SY JR's Big Boss Cement Inc (BBCI) failed to get initial approval after the Philippine Board of Investments (BOI) denied its first application, because it lacked 'proof of concept'.

BBCI President, Gilbert Cruz, said they filed a motion on Friday for reconsideration to the BOI to show their proof of concept. According to Mr Cruz, BBCI's initial application filed last year was disqualified by BOI because their process does not produce clinker. Mr Cruz, who claims to have tweaked the rugby compounds to remove its addicting element, said that BBCI will actually produce clinker but in a different way without using a kiln and without the need for burning.

"DTI/BOI perhaps saw that probably this game changing began to communicate with us again," Cruz said, "noting that since government people are not scientists they only see that black is black and white is white."

Following their market introduction, Mr Cruz said the BOI is now more receptive and would like them to come back. He said they have already applied for patent for this new technology.

He explained that his invention allows the blending of pozzolan and Portland processes to come up with type 1B cement for general construction purposes. But he said his invention will prove it can meet or even exceed the required standards.

He also claimed that Big Boss cement will have a compressive strength of 40-day MPA, double that of the standard 21-day MPa. 21Mpa is equivalent to a strength of 3000psi (lb/ins2).

"BBCI has 40 plus psi. Big Boss has unlocked the standards to break the barrier," he said noting that their cement passes ASTM standards.

Because the process does not need kiln, he said, the investment would be a lot cheaper. He indicated an investment of PHP3bn-PHP4bn (US$60m-78m) only as against PHP17bn to PHP20bn (US$334m-393m) for a greenfield traditional technology.

BBCI is set to start cement operation in March this year to produce 1.5m  bags of cement a month at its proposed plant in Pampanga. Big Boss cement will be sold at  a pick-up price of PHP183-185 (US$3.59-3.63/bag).

BBCI also hopes to invest another PHP4bn in establoishing two new production plants.

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