Setubal project to attract cement businesses with panamax berths

Setubal project to attract cement businesses with panamax berths
31 January 2018

Blue Atlantic of Portugal is aiming to offer one of the most efficient cargo transport routes in out out of Europe with plans for an 800m quay able to berth two Panamax vessels in Setubal, 40km (25 miles) south of Lisbon.

The 96ha Blue Atlantic Industrial & Logistics Park, in the Port of Setubal, will become a maritime export hub facing the Atlantic Ocean with several specialised terminals operated by private enterprises that could include cement operations. "The sea is regarded as a national plan for the future," reported Fernando Fernandes, Blue Atlantic’s project leader

"The Setubal Peninsula is teaming with industrial and manufacturing businesses from cement factories to the globally renowned Lisnave Shipyard," said Fernando Fernandes.

"The Blue Atlantic site has capacity to build a private railway line operating trains up to 880m in length linking to the National Railway System and a new railway connection reducing transport time to Spain by around three hours. Setubal is just 600km away from Madrid, and these new and improved transport links create superb trade opportunities in the hinterland."

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