Cementos Yaracuy scheduled to come online this year

Cementos Yaracuy scheduled to come online this year
12 March 2018

As part of an agreement between Venezuela and India, Megatech International is currently building a 600tpd cement plant in  the Barranco Amarillo sector of the Valeroso Peña Industria Complex, Peña, Venezuela. The Cementos de Yaracuy project is expected to generate 300 direct jobs.

"When starting operations, it will produce 600tpd of cement, for a total of 4.5m bags of 42 kilos per year, of which a percentage will be destined to other states and 30 per cent to exports to Aruba, Curacao and Trinidad, countries with which we seek strategic alliances, "said the region’s governor, Julio León.

Work on the plan was halted in March 2017 but resumed last January. The US$25m project is expected to become operational later this year.

It location is reported to be near high-quality limestone, clay and gypsum mines with reserves of around 100 years.

"This plant will allow us to continue with social investment works, especially for housing construction. Yaracuy will be placed in the front in the production of blocks, premixes and prefabricated ribbed slabs," MrLeón commented.

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