Caribbean Cement seeks quarry extension approvals

Caribbean Cement seeks quarry extension approvals
14 March 2018

Caribbean Cement Company Ltd (CCCL) plans to extend the Halberstadt Gypsum Quarry from 2ha to 6.7ha and establish a limestone quarry at Harbour Head spanning 50 acres. The Jamaican quarries are roughly 8.5km apart and are operated through subsidiary Jamaica Gypsum & Quarries Ltd, but will need approval from  the National Environment & Planning Agency (NEPA).

"Supplies at the gypsum quarry in Halberstadt and the limestone quarry in Harbour Head are at a critical level and as such additional deposits need to be secured," said the Environmental Impact Assessment or EIA report done for Caribbean Cement by Enviro Planners Ltd.

The proposed operation at Halberstadt will process 200,000tpa of gypsum  from 6.7ha of land, while Harbour Head will process 800,000tpa of limestone per year from 20ha of land, stated the EIA.

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